{actor} I just tried to share a link to Occupy Wall Street and tomorrow's actions in support - and FB wouldn't let me! Are they trying to shut down... Show more

{actor} I see a bridge in my future and it's not the one we need over the brook. Owwwwwwww!

{actor} hey friends I want to send some Armaments pillows to the occupiers of Wall Street - campers need pillows! Any thoughts?

{actor} Dear Kids who want to be my FB friend, I love you but I don't friend my kids' friends. I want to feel free to curse & pontificate. Nothin'... Show more

We drove over the bridge to the front door last night and slept in our own beds again. And it is the most beautiful, colorful, fall day!

Debster's profile has been featured. 25/09/2011

Francis Goodwin and {target} are now friends 25/09/2011

{actor} So some of us have been thinking we should get a tattoo that marks us as Survivors of Irene...maybe it could be a fundraiser, too? Calling... Show more

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